Over the years, John and his husband, Mike have created other forms of entertainment, or as we call it Extra Stuff.    Theater is one of John’s love.  In this section you will find info and links to some of their plays that they have video taped while in development.  Also, John has published some other books that are not under his name.  They will be shared here too.  So enjoy a few of these experiences.

EMPRESS! is a musical written by John Saul, Mike Sack, Ron Daum and Ann Combs.  A staged reading was performed under the direction of John Langs at the Maui Community Arts Center.  Here is the link to Video of the show:

THE LAST ROSE OF SUMMER was written by John Saul, Mike Sack and Lee Meriwether.  This staged reading was recorded at the Maui Writers Conference in Wailea, Maui.